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In 2009 our late Godfather / mentor Jerry "JT" Brown, who Owned over 30 restaurants and nightclubs, consulted many Opening up Restaurants in the St. Louis Metro Area.

Big J 'Jerry JT' Brown had a major impact and was the motivation behind us opening a BBQ restaurant which was always a family dream that came true. He was there in the beginning from scouting both locations, to assisting with staffing the dream team and assisting us with our menu develop he coach us til he went to heaven in 2014

Rib Shack is a local family Owned and Operated BBQ business first established in 2010 in St Louis , Missouri known for its delicious Southern Taste of down-home Soul Food and BBQ. The slow cook St. Louis Ribs, Smoked Wings, Collards Greens, and Mac n Cheese kept the crowd coming.

Our mission has always been to provide great tasty BBQ and Soul Food, in a nice, comfortable, welcoming atmosphere with great customer service. We Strived daily to overcome stereotypes and shatter statistics by maintaining consistency and putting our customers first

In 2012, prior to the heart failure battle, Malcolm focused everyday at the Rib Shack in St. Louis solving all the problems while coaching and mentoring the team to greatness. Malcolm believed in order to be great you must work with greatness, always aiming to be the best. He worked with Mike Owner and Pitmaster at Pappy's SmokeHouse as well as the Legendary Mike Mills, the Pitmaster and owner of 17th Street BBQ located in Murphysboro, Illinois.

In 2016, after closing both locations due to the husband Malcolm's health after he had a brain bleed / stroke which caused him to slip into a coma, changed their Family’s life forever. Although Malcolm was on the Heart Transplant list, operating the LVAD ( Left Ventricle Device) which functioned as his Heart, his heart was continuing to fail and he still needed Heart Transplant.


In 2018 Malcolm took a leap of Faith and came to Omaha, Nebraska on a mission to get on the Heart Transplant List. He received a Heart Transplant in July of 2020 after 4 Strokes, a brain bleed, Vertigo, battling Congestive Heart Failure for 10 Years and waiting 8 years on the Heart Transplant List.

Now in 2021, Rib Shack Smokehouse was blessed with their 2nd Miracle after Malcolm received his Heart Transplant with the business opportunity to bring that southern taste back to the Midwest in Omaha, Nebraska with no plans or capital funding.

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Jackie N. Robbins, Chief Executive Operator, Food Philanthropist, and First Black Female Pitmaster

St. Louis Native who grew up loving BBQ as a kid, watching the techniques of her late father, Arthur C. Johnson and Uncle Bennie Hale Cooking up in her Great Grandma's backyard.

Jackie N. Robbins, Co-Founder of the Rib Shack in St. Louis, MO 2010 selling BBQ and Soul Food, built a brand on delicious food and making an impact in the community she serves. Mrs. Jackie owned and operated two successful BBQ Restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri providing education and training to those who show interest in going into the hospitality industry while serving nearly 50,000 guests in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

Mrs. Jackie has used her knowledge to consult other restaurateurs, which has helped open multiple restaurants for other restaurant owners.

Mrs. Jackie received the Top Women Owned Business Award in St. Louis. This award is presented annually to female business leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to operating a successful business while balancing people and performance throughout their careers.

Mrs. Jackie was recognized with the Deluxe Power 100 Award which is presented annually to leaders and trailblazers who have clearly demonstrated being a leader in the community throughout their career as a successful entrepreneur.

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Mrs. Jackie received the Margaret Jackson Award for overcoming adversity, inspiring perseverance, and operating in excellence.

As much as Mrs. Jackie loves serving great food, she prides herself on community service work and support, using the restaurant as a platform to impact the community. Hashtag lunchbag, which they fed over a 1000 of homeless people, provided toiletries, coats, socks, shoes and provided jobs to the homeless community.

Partner with the Ronald McDonald house to feed the Families who travel out of down to get care for their child.

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